Pan-Albanian Federation of America, Vatra Tampa Bay Chapter Inc.

About Us

Vatra’s History- Vatra was formed in 1912 to combine all the Albanian-American organizations into one federation. The founding members were Fan Noli, Faik Konica, Kristo Floqi, Marko Adams, and Paskal Aleksi. It was officially founded April 28th, 1912 making it the oldest Albanian-American organization that is still in existence today. Gazeta Dielli (The Sun) the oldest Albanian-American newspaper became part of Vatra after the merger with Besa-Besen Society of Boston.

Our Vision- To unify the Albanian people living in America together into a community coalition grounded in Albanian teaching and heritage helping one another love their nationality.

Our Mission: Our mission is to help Albanian-Americans love their nationality, promote the sense of honor and love for the laws and institutions of the United States of America, to strengthen the bond of friendship between American citizens and Albanians and to celebrate our heritage.

Purpose of Vatra:  -Learn from the freedom, power and unity of the American people that made this nation so ideal.

-Promote between Albanians the love for their heritage and one another.

-To strengthen the relationship between Albanian’s and American’s by being active in the community and representing the Albanian community in a positive manner.

-To help in the learning of English and Albanian languages and to spread education and moral doctrines among Albanian’s in America.

-To help morally for the amelioration of the members of the Federation and to protect, as much as it can, Albanian immigrants and workers.